Monday, November 1, 2010

10 Great Embroidery Project Tutorials

Man, do I love embroidery. It's not that I'm particularly *ahem* skilled at it. There's just something fantastic about taking a bland object, a few hours, and some gorgeously colored thread and making something wonderful.

That said, I can't always think of what to embroider next. Other crafters to the rescue! Here are 10 of my favorite embroidery tutorials from around the internets.

1. For learning the basics, The Purl Bee has wonderful step by step tutorials.

Mini Bunny quilt detail

(photo by Aimee Ray)

2. Mini Bunny Quilt by Aimee Ray, the author of Doodle Stitching. (Which is a wonderful book, by the way!) Check out her blog Little Dear Tracks for more tutorials.

3. Queen Anne's Lace Pillowcase by Alicia Paulson ( I especially love the clean modern look of this project.

4. Boy and Girl Pocket Pillows by Goody-Goody (

5. The Party's Over pattern by Tamie Snow (of Roxycraft fame)

6. Already have a great image on your computer that you'd like to embroider? Wondering how to get it from here to there? Instructables to the rescue! Embroidery From Digital Artwork

7. Super-adorable My Favorite Things pattern by Peptogirl (

8. Yarn scrap embroidery sounds like kitschy fun. Thanks Craftzine!

9. Simple Embroidered Gift Labels, again via Instructables.

10. The secret to embroidering on stretchy fabric, plus a cute pattern! Thank you, Craftstylish! (Word of warning, this page unfortunately has a talking ad box. Blerg. Adjust volume on your computer accordingly.)

(photo by Erika Kern)

Do you have any embroidery tutorials you'd like to share? Post them in the comments! I'd love to see them.

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