Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Favorite Etsy Shops for Grown-ups

Egads. Grown-ups. I used to hate the term grown-ups. Now I find myself skittering uncontrollably towards the gated community that is being a grown-up. (Baby on the way, mortgage to pay, etc.) But I refuse to go quietly (or with dignity) into that beige night!
Grown-ups have serious responsibilities, and therefore need seriously fun gifts. So here's a list of 10 of my very favorite Etsy shops, guaranteed* to delight even the most grown of grown-ups.

1. Fusion Sweets
Fusion Sweets
When in doubt, go edible. With items like the Pick 16 Flavors Caramel Sampler and Mango, Rose, Lime Berlingots, there's something for everyone.

2. Voodooville
Voodooville - Peggy Olsen print
For the pop culture-y Mad Men lover in your life! Hands off that Morrissey print, though. I want it.

3. Beantown Handmade
Bean Town Handmade on Etsy
Oh, grown-ups and their pets. You know how we love them, and occasionally/always put hats on them. Beantown Handmade serves up some of the most awesome dog accessories this side of the town that dog is destroying. At the very least, check them out for their brilliant photography.

4. Beat Up Creations
Beat Up Creations
Oh, grown-ups and their plate collections. Beat Up Creations takes unloved plates, and turns them into the sort of pure awesomeness that one expects to have rainbows shooting out of it.

5. Red Leaf
Red Leaf Bubble Bath Dough
With all the bills to pay and responsibilities to meet, grown-ups are going to want to take a bath at some point. Preferably with Black Tea scented bubble bath dough.

6. Whimsy and Spice
Whimsy and Spice confections
What's this? More edibles? But Claire, what of the diabetics and the health problems and the watching of waistlines?
To you I say "Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwich Cookies".

7. AJB Creations
AJB Creations on Etsy
Probably every fashionable lady you know already has tons of jewelry, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want more. (Unless she's a shoe person.)

8. Cyberoptix TieLab
Cyberoptix TieLab ties
No, we haven't forgotten the fellas. I mean men. MEN., and need of ties. Cyberoptix TieLab features screen printed lovelies in a wide variety of styles. And they're not afraid of throwing some really bad puns into their descriptions.

9. Bunny Butt Apothecary
Bunny Butt Apothecary goodies
Another one of those perfect gifts for the person who has everything or that you actually don't know very well. Bunny Butt Apothecary has the distinction of not just having an awesome name, but my uber-picky husband really likes their Essential Mojito soap. And the man hardly likes anything. Ever. So yeah, stock up on the Bunny Butt goodies!

10. Toiluxe
El Seato Bandito by Toiluxe
With growing up comes great intestinal distress. Let's make all that time spent in the bathroom a little more fun, hmm? If El Seato Bandito isn't quite your style, perhaps you'd prefer Audrey here?

*Guaranteed? Eh, not really. Grown-ups are a notoriously cranky bunch.


Chris said...

Fantastic feature! Those caramels look amazing:) Thank you!

Amy said...

Wonderful! Thanks a million! Off to check out your crafting videos now :)


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