Friday, October 1, 2010

Amazingly, this post was not written at 5 in the morning. It's just that bad.

So. I was up yesterday at 5 am, and I decided to write a blog post. I had just eaten a bowl of rice crispies*, and apparently one of the side effects is hearing a little voice in your head that says things like "I AM GOING TO BE SO PRODUCTIVE TODAY! You guys! It's only 5 in the MORNING! I'm going to write a blog post!" Except there are no guys, it's just you and the crispies. And the pugs.
Anyway, the blog post turned out to be a total wash. I was going to complain inform you of my camera woes. At 5 am, this takes a lot of words. Instead, here's the gist: My DSLR died. Claire sad. New camera?? DONE.
I did get a new camera. I've been wanting to try a Canon point and shoot for awhile, so I thought I'd just go for it. And it has taught me that the 'ol Nikon D50 actually was doing all the work, and I am not such a good photographer.
Testing out the new Canon
Oooh, wait. Vivid mode!

Yeah. So I have some work to do. And a DSLR to buy.

*It was the new generic Trader Joe's rice crispies-like stuff. It is really good. Especially at 5 in the morning.

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