Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Chickenpants are here!!

Allow me to start by saying holy cow, this baby stuff has really slowed me down! It's taken me much longer to put together this brood of CPs than any other that I can recall. Not that I'm complaining, it's just...whoa. I think I may have to scale back a bit on future broods.

I'll start listing them in the shop officially on Monday, but this time, we're going to try something new. Since there are a whopping 38 new Chickenpants this time around, I'm offering a pre-order. I'll be listing them into the shop little by little, in random order. That's obviously going to take awhile, so why should you have to wait? Plus, some will no doubt be going to shows, so they may not even make it into the shop.

So here's the deal. If someone you see here strikes your fancy, email me (chickenwidget {{{at}}} gmail), and I'll send you a Paypal invoice. (Or set up a reserved Etsy listing, if you prefer.) Whatever makes you feel more secure, and less like we're doing something Chicken-y black market. (We're not! It's just that I haven't figured out an easier way to do this yet.)
All the new Chickenpants are $20 each OR 2 for $35. (plus shipping, of course. $2.60 in the US, $3 to Canada, $4 to Australia.)

So, without any further ado, meet the Fall Chickenpannts for 2010!
(click on any photo to see it larger)

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