Thursday, July 8, 2010

Four Hundred

It's really hard for me to not make that all caps. FOUR HUNDRED. FOUR. HUNDRED.
Four Hundred Chickenpants. 400!!
And here she is, Miss 400 herself, Chickenpants Antoinette!
Who can sum up the opulence? the decadence? the general over-the-top-ness of Chickenpants better than Chickenpants Antoinette? Nobody, that's who.

Chickenpants Antoinette sports a lovely blue gown over layers and layers of petticoats. (Okay, layers and layers of tulle. Work with me here.) She's then frosted with vintage fabric and jewelry bits. Finally, I topped her off with piles of fake hair. And hand sewed 22 faux-pearls on to her collar. Yes, she is wearing pants way under there. Let's call them 'stockings' this time, though.

Now, who's for cake?

You can check her out in the coop here, if you are so inclined.


Cari said...

I love her. I am very relieved that she had pants under her gown and petticoats.

Absolutely Small said...

Otherwise, she wouldn't count as a real Chickenpants, right? :)
Also: thanks!


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