Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey, you're not on vacation yet, missy!

Apologies for the lack of blog posts and new items in the shop this week. Procrastination mixes with a never ending to-do list like gin and tonic. Except instead of being refreshed and relaxed, I'm frantic and tense. Wait, what was this paragraph about?

So. My dryer died yesterday. And now I have wet laundry all over the place. (Which makes it sound like it exploded, but it did not.) And I'm here, waiting for the delivery guys to show up with a new one, and trying to knock things off that famous to-do list.

Things like that (unexpected appliance death) have led to this being the very last post of the week for me.
Also, I need to announce that the shop is shutting down TEMPORARILY tomorrow- April 27th. I won't even be checking my email. Well, hardly at all. Insanity!

In lieu of a real Inspiration Friday post, here's a few links:
I've been enjoying the blog Hyperbole and a Half lately, not just because in my head I pronounce it "hyper-bowl". Especially this here post about "alot".

Here's a very cute comic by Miss Natalie Dee:
Which I can't embed 'cause it's all huge and stuff.

And finally:
Han Solo. In Carbonite. The soap.

You're welcome.


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Scary soap! This would give you a fright in the shower - it looks like a zombie!!
I know what you mean about being super busy, im like that most days too! Enjoy your trip :)

Absolutely Small said...

Thanks Dolly Cool Clare!
(ooops...wanted to spell that "claire"...have to watch myself!)

Teddy Started It said...

Ahhahahahaha! How did I live before Hyperbole and a Half?!

Hope you got the laundry done, and that you're really enjoying your vacation:D


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