Monday, March 8, 2010

New Chickenpants Round Up!

It's Monday! Time to account for what I've been doing all week. (Sort of.)
I've started illustrating portraits of the Chickenpants. Have I mentioned that yet? Anyway, here's the latest one:
Big Jim Chickenpants (No. 2), Version B
It's Big Jim Chickenpants, No. 2! My goal with these is to create a portrait of every.SINGLE.Chickenpants.EVER. However, this last portrait has taught me that sometimes this is really hard. So, we'll see. (Click on him to see him larger so you can actually read the poem.) But I did just buy a bunch of new Prismacolor pencils, so I'd better use them. (For those of you who know me well enough to read between the lines, you know that this means: encourage me! compliment me! send me happy thoughts & comments! i'm a total baby! wah, wah, wah!)
To help with this crazy endeavor, I've updated the HALL OF CHICKENPANTS:
the Flickr page where I try very hard to put a copy of every Chickenpants ever made. If you don't see your CP there, it's probably because I don't have his/her photo for some reason. Help me out, drop me a line!
This post has dragged on long enough, so no individual CP recaps today! Several new Chickenpants were released last week, and the total number is perilously close to 300. THREE. HUNDRED. CHICKENPANTS. Holy cow, that's a lot of chickens. Additionally, the shop itself is perilously close to 350 sales. (Again, HOLY COW!)
I think you know what this means. Festivities, fireworks, etc etc. More on that soon. Stay tuned!

(Also, psst! There's still time to enter our Craft Leftovers giveaway!)

5 comments: said...

I absolutely LOVe chicken pants! Great blog as well - just followed:)

Marta said...

Whoa, the background really looks like a wanted poster- nice texture!

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you for the nice comments, ladies! ^-^

Erica said...

cute drawing :) I love that it looks like an outlaw poster

Absolutely Small said...

Thanks Erica! It was sooooo time consuming to make. I'm glad someone likes it!


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