Friday, March 12, 2010

Inspiration Friday

If this isn't inspiring, I don't know what is.
ZeFrank has put together a photo contest called Young Me, Now Me. The idea is to recreate a photo of yourself when you were wee. Some of the results are just amazing. Anyway, go check it out!

(photo by Petit Plat)
I love eating macarons, but I've heard (from professional bakers, no less) that making them is nothing but trouble. Leave it to the amazing Emily Martin to find a promising recipie. She declares it to be nearly bulletproof, which makes me *almost* brave enough to try it. Here's the scoop!

I liked this post about diy headboards. Hey, I could DO some of those things! And then maybe the bedroom wouldn't look like such a bleak place.

And finally, Darth Vader riding a cat:

(via Geekologie)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Teddy Started It said...

Those tiny macaroons are too cute...too tiny to satisfy me...but too cute;p

Erica said...

I also love the tiny macaroons!

Absolutely Small said...

Thanks ladies!

CAPow! said...

darth vader riding a cat is killing me! hilarious!

Absolutely Small said...

Glad you got a kick out of it! ^-^


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