Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Rock Ranch Recap

Last Friday, I got to do something that made my geeky little heart go pitter patter. I got to walk the hallowed halls of one of George Lucas's ranches!
And oh, my gosh, the secrecy! That man likes his privacy. Signing in at the lobby, you have to agree that you will not take any photos. (Or probably blab about it on the internet. I should have read that thing more closely.)
So in lieu of photos, I made this:

And now, unfortunately, we must rely on my story telling skills.
The first thing I noticed was the fence. The county girl in me said "Sheee-yoot. That there fence cost some money. We must be here." It's an extremely nondescript, albeit quite nice, fence. Then there's a nice, but very low profile gate. There are no signs. It would be very easy to just drive past. You can't see a darn thing from the main road.
So, anyway, the buildings. Oh my gosh, the buildings! They're gorgeous. And huge. Huge perfect Craftsman style buildings.
Everything inside was done in impeccable Craftsman style. It was like walking into an art history textbook. The lobby had some amazing Japanese antiques. The hallways are lined with gorgeous old movie posters.
We wound up basically just eating lunch there. In a ginormous, beautiful room. They had a guest chef that day (Indian food!), and all the microbrewed sodas you could shake a stick at. It seemed like everyone ate together. "See that guy over there with the backwards baseball cap?" Our host said. "He's the director."
When I was a geeky teenager, working or Lucasfilm was my number one impossible dream. (Er, okay, maybe that was two or three down the list, somewhere after getting to marry Han Solo, but still.) Seeing it in real life was just...amazing. And I really wish I had photos to show you.

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