Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snowed in!

Hey, what's with the insanely long gap between posts? What, do you have the swine flu or something?*
No, better than that: WE GOT SNOWED IN!
Let me explain to you why this is amazing. 1. We don't get snow very often, let alone snow that sticks. So over a foot of snow is, well, amazing. 2. We live in the mountains, so any amount of snow equals pretty much a disaster, as none of us are equipped for it, and our crazy windy up & down roads on the sides of ravines generally do not have guard rails. 3. I love snow, and it turns me into an indiscriminate photo taking machine:
This is our house. Notice that mountain of snow to the side? That's our driveway.
See that mountain of snow to the side?
Thank goodness we have all those Chickenpants hats & scarves around!
Snowed in Chickenpants
Here's the back porch:
Back deck
Over a foot of snow, people!
Here's the view from my studio:
View from the studio
It's incredible to me just how perfect everything looks in the snow. Our neighborhood looks like it was meant to have snow all over it year round.
What happened to our back yard??
Topanga usually loves the snow, but this year she just wasn't having it. Hence the lack of good "pugs in the snow" photos. Poo.
Of course, with the snow comes the lengthy power outages (only 12 hours for us...over 36 hours out for my brother who lives 10 mins away, and it's STILL out last I heard for others who are 20 mins away...), the people who can't get down the driveway and get to work, and, of course, the frozen pipes of doom.
Eh, whatever. I still love the snow.

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*Uh, maybe. I have some sort of crazy severe cold/flu going on right now, actually.


Kerry said...

A toboggan is definitely needed there. Some of those hills are just begging to be slid down! woohoo!

Annette said...

I love looking at others pictures of snow! It is beautiful but I don't want it hanging around! Love the pic with the chickenpants!

Patrizia said...

Oh my gosh, so beautiful. Yeah it was meant for snow :P

The Chickenpants and especially the dogs make the pictures perfect.

Lori said...

How beautiful!

Kate and Oli said...

How exciting! i love snow! and never seem to be around it :) maybe that's why i love it... hmmm.. :) enjoy!


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