Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Go Hoodie Shopping

Inspired by yesterday's post about be-hoodied monsters, I thought I'd run around and see what the interwebs have to offer us humans.
My picks are all biased by the fact that I'm a.) short and b.) going to wear the living daylights out of this thing, but mostly indoors while slinging fuzz & paint around.
In other words, I'm looking for something possibly flattering, but not so dear that I'd be afraid to thrash it.

This Plush Team hoodie has been on my "to buy" list forever:

Although not as snuggly, this knitted yellow one from Mod Cloth is darling:

The only thing: good grief, look at the length of those arms! I'd have to fold those things over twice to get it to fit me. (Or, you know, hem them.)

This one by DearPony has really cute details:

This Dust Bunnies hoodie over at Shanalogic is super cute:

Stick to coffee & alcohol may be my favorite Engrish of all time. And look, I could wear it every day!

Do you know of any super cute hoodies? Post the link below! I want to see more!


Anonymous said...

spicy brown!

Gama-Go hoodies all rock!

Alicia Istanbul said...

Yellow is not my color, but the cable knit one is definitely my favorite.

Absolutely Small said...

Oooh, brilliant Supahcute! I totally forgot about Spicy Brown.

Alicia: high five!


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