Friday, December 11, 2009

Inspiration Friday - Stuck At Home Sick Edition

I find myself sick for the second Friday in a row. My real life, non-couch life, has dwindled to...something. (I can't finish a sentence lately. That is one of the... this cold.)
But! The good news is that I have been spending a crazy amount of time couch & laptop bound, cruising around the internet with the goal of...there's been shopping.
Here are some of my finds.

Katydiddy's made a cute little form for you to download & write down things you find online. Helpful! I'm still looking for a digital way to do this that would be as efficient...and I'm coming up short.
Check it out!

I am obsessed with photos of Detroit. Detroit! The city that totally fell apart! Why do we ever talk about anything else? What used to be a major US city just fell off the map. Here's a short article with amazing photos of some of the houses that have, well, gone feral: Detroit! Detroit!
(photo above by James Griffioen)

But, perhaps the most amazing and inspiring thing I've come across all week is this:

Originally uploaded by LadyJedi78

What is this? Just a photo of a Chickenpants holding a snowball? No, no. It's a whole STORY of Chickenpants in the snow, and it is awesome. A certain super friend & Etsyian put it together, and you can check it all out here.

I managed to catch a showing of The Fantastic Mr. Fox early last week. (Last week? ish?) It was, of course, fantastic. If you are not extremely ill, you really need to go see this movie. It was a kid's movie, sure, but smart and clever enough to pass as a Wes Anderson film. Go. See it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


jodi french paper arts said...

Feel better. Love the Ivy House!

Southern Belle said...

Hope you feel better. I too am sick. Being sick is evil, ha. Will have to check the form out and perhaps even Mr. Fox =)

Southern Belle said...

Oh, I clicked the form link and it says it's not found. The address goes to:

Absolutely Small said...

Hmmm...that's weird. I poked the link, and it works now. Thanks for the heads up!

Patrizia said...

Oh poor you, I hope you get better soon.

Anyway, I love the chicken pants story and I think I need to go see Fantastic Mr Fox! I want to see Princess & the Frog first though, because I grew up on princess movies. :P

I'd love to go visit a "feral" house like that!

Laura Bray said...

Thanks for mentioning my form! Hope you get better soon!

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you!


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