Monday, November 16, 2009

Slight Change of Plans

Warning: this post may be sort of a downer. Here's a nice photo of a snuggling bunny and pug to soften it.

So. Was it really Wednesday that I last updated? The plan was to have a celebratory post about the 250th Chickenpants. 250 Chickenpants, yeah!
But. Then. My grandfather died. It wasn't totally unexpected. He was sick for a long time, and went off the medication that was making him feel even sicker about six weeks ago. We knew this was coming, and he's been in the middle of a nonstop parade of family and friends ever since. That's a pretty great way to go: at home, surrounded by people who love you.
My mom was in town Thursday, and came over to visit for awhile. We talked about grandpa, of course. He was winding down. The hospice people said he could have a few more weeks, or he could go tonight. Hard to tell. The plan was to go visit him that evening, but when the evening rolled around we were both tired, and decided to go see him tomorrow.
The next morning, there was a text message. I had slept horribly the night before, and figured I could just ignore it. Then, a few minutes later, a phone call from my mom.
He was gone. We had officially waited too long. Oops doesn't begin to cover it.
He died on Friday the 13th, which I think is sort of hilarious, especially considering that he was not even a little superstitious.
I'm trying to segue gracefully back into my work, but that isn't really happening. I'm trying to think of this post as a sort of buffer. Tomorrow the blog will be back to smiles and rainbows and Chickenpants 250. But today, we're sad & sappy. Now go hug someone you love.

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