Monday, October 19, 2009

Fight Like A Man! (Er, Chicken!)

Things are getting rowdy in the Chickenpants coop. And it's all the fault of these two chickens!
Firecracker Tendercrisp:

Firecracker Tendercrisp Chickenpants is every bit as wild as his name implies. He's a wrestler, well known for his signature move of spinning his enemies over his head while tickling them. Yeah, it's a bit disturbing.


Lightningbolt Tenderthigh:

Lightningbolt Tenderthigh Chickenpants is the arch-rival of Firecracker Tendercrisp Chickenpants. He's the Vader to his Skywalker, the deodorant to his underarm, the werewolf to his vampire.
They're the first wrestler Chickenpants ever. I think finding all that wrestling stuff in the basement may have put the idea into my head.
Extra weirdness! Although they were released on the same day, Lightningbolt Tenderthigh has waaaay more views! Does that mean he's winning? Who's your favorite? And, naturally, this begs the question: WHICH ONE WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT?

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