Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etsy Marketing...the non snarky version, with just a dash of sarcasm

Oh, we had some fun talking about Etsy at the Etsy Marketing people's expense, didn't we? Good times, good times.
As promised, I'll be positive and have something useful to say today. Well, I'll try anyway. But first, a disclaimer: I am so not any sort of marketing expert. I don't spend my free time pouring over papers full of data about target markets or anything. Possibly because I don't have any free time. And if I did, I'd probably just take a nap.
So here's a few things I've learned from listening to people who know what they're talking about, mixed with a healthy amount of trial and error.
I figured there was going to be an awful lot of text and no photos, so I filmed myself fumbling through a few of the tips. I wound up just talking about Twitter and re-listing. Talking takes a really long time!

Yeah. Five minutes long, and lots of background pug snorting. Maybe I should stick to the typing of words.
Here's a few things that I should have said:
♛ If you don't like Twitter, don't use it. Seriously. If any given social networking tool rubs you the wrong way, just leave it. There are others.
♛ A hundred followers is probably not enough. A few hundred followers is probably not enough either. More is better...to a certain point.
♛ Thank people who re-tweet you. Comment on things people tweet, and when they comment on your stuff, comment back (when possible). Be sweet.
There's more. Two and half year's worth of more. But let's just leave it at this for today.

Here are the links I promised:
Twitter Karma - Lets you follow/unfollow people who you are following...but in bulk! Follow.
Buzzom- Like Twitter Karma, but with stats. Less buggy, too.
The Etsy Goal Spreadsheet- Something I made up.
@absolutelysmall - Me, but on Twitter
The Needle- Collaborative plush blog extraordinaire, with generally very cheap PW ads.


mariah demarco said...

Loved this! AND, I've just added you on Twitter! :D xooxox

ocasiocasa said...

ok...I have to tweet about this. Great job! Thanks for posting this; it felt, so much, like words of encouragement.:)

missbmckay said...

thanks for that. I have a twitter account, but didn't know what to do with it. this will work. awesome.

Absolutely Small said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! ^-^

Felicia said...

Yay for blond California girls :)

Loved it and loved the snorting pug. My hubby STILL has the pug card I gave him way back when that originally came from you. On the inside I wrote "PUG OFF!" as a joke for him to tell his massively annoying work colleagues. When I pointed out your pug in the video I reminded him that he knew that pug and my hubby said he has the card sitting conveniently located on his desk in case he needs to hand it to anyone to read. :)

Ok, now on to the serious stuff. Thinking outside the Etsy promotion box. Yeah. You know what really works for me? I call it marketing for shy people:

Gilliauna said...

I was glad to find this! Thank you for the advice.


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