Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In which I introduce a few custom Chickenpants

It hasn't been all house related goings on around here. Oh, no. There has also been procrastinating, hiding under the bedsheets, forgetting things and getting zapped by bank fees, and...there was a little crafting.
A very little. Bright specks in the crazy swirls of chaos.
Two friends were moving to Texas (ones who brought G. Pete to France!), and I decided they needed some mini-me Chickenpants to accompany them.

So here's Dewey & Robin Chickenpants, all ready for their big Texan adventure. (They're numbers 223 & 224, in case you're counting)

And of course I had to make one for James, our friend and super realtor who helped us so much with buying this house. Seriously, if you're in Northern California and you need to buy or sell a house, look him up. (He's on Facebook.) He's the best!
This Chickenpants is number #225.

His felt cape is hand embroidered: (as if you couldn't tell from sheer imperfection!)

In other Chickenpants news, I just received a few stragglers from Stitch Wars. I'll be posting about them as soon as the light gets better. Stay tuned!

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