Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things we've found

We're going to do this bullet point style, because I am so very tired. Who thinks it is amusing to work 12+ hour days several days in a row? IT IS NOT.

  • A coffee can full of old Snickers bars

  • Several bloody bandaids

  • Carrying case full of rockin' 8-tracks:

  • (note: this was in a pile of things marked with blue if this was meant to go to someone in particular. Awesome!)

  • A coffee can full of half empty bags of toasted coconut...very, very old toasted coconut. Which had been deeply buried in a box, deep in a pile of boxes, deep in the garage. Why? WHY??

  • A headless plastic skeleton:

  • 3 mason jars full of reddish brownish mystery liquid, with semi-solid fatty looking stuff on the bottoms.

  • Barrels & barrels of beans! Rice! Powdered milk(?)! Bacon Bits! Survive the end of the world with the goodness of bacon!

  • And of course, an entire case of dried canned beef:


Talu said...

HMM? I wonder how much those led Zepplin tapes would go for on Ebay? Any thoughts?

Kerry said...

Wow...almost like she set up a bomb shelter. Although, I'd get tired of the diced beef, coconut and bacon bit meal.

susarto said...

haha! this makes me want to go around and throw everything away in my house-just so it won't have the chance to ever get old and disgusting!!!


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