Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saturday. Saturday? Saturday!

The wall has officially broken on Littleoldladygate 2009! Papers have been signed, and little old ladies will be out on Saturday afternoon, or face the consequences. Death by wild diseased bunnies may have been threatened.
Rejoicing in the streets will commence! Ticker tape parades may happen! Confetti will rain from the sky!
I don't know what else to say, except that to get to this point we were faced with two choices. Either a. Let them have another 3-4 days and they promised to remove every last piece of garbage and pay us, or b. have them just get out on Saturday. After much, MUCH hemming and hawing, we went with option b. (Turns out we aren't allowed to gouge them. And I was ready to gouge them a new pair of Jimmy Choos, folks. So neryhe to that. Besides, wouldn't it have been sort of a let down if they didn't leave some horrible junk behind? I think so.)
To celebrate and blow off some steam, I went thrifting. (Well, first I went on Etsy and managed to add a whole bunch of goodies to my wish list. Bathroom of Natural History needs some exhibits!)
I found some really wonderful glass:

I'm thinking of using them to hold odds and ends in the studio.

Look upon my faux-bois base, ye mighty, and weep!

Meanwhile, my sewing table looks like this:

Erg. Yeah. Hopefully I'll get crackin on that very soon. Or, you know, packing. Erg.


Moon's Creations said...

I think this calls for me sending you a rabid Moon Bun in celebration. <3

Kerry said...

The dark part of me really wants to see the death by wild diseased bunnies... ;)

susarto said...

yay!!!! good newses, eh???
and nice glass you have there ;)

may you find the best junque in your new home and live happily ever after!!!
saturday is the day after tomorrow!!! :D

Absolutely Small said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!
Moons: brilliant! Nobody makes a rabid bun look as cute as you can!
Kerry: Fur would fly.
Susarto: DAY AFTER TOMORROW!! Seriously can't wait!


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