Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In which we close escrow

Escrow is now officially closed! No more worrying about whether it should be capitalized or not! Hooray!
All the sudden financial responsibility seems to have made me a bit giddy, so I proceeded to set up free shipping sales in both my Etsy & Artfire shops. (Or seriously discounted shipping in the case of sales not in the US/Canada.)
Go forth and buy things! Help me to buy some much needed paint! And/or fumigation!

Here are some highlights from yesterday:
  • There was yelling. Oh, the yelling. By the little old lady to both my agent and hers. YELLING! "EXCEPT I'M NOT YELLING, YOU'LL KNOW WHEN I'M YELLING!!" Yeah. So we still don't have the keys, but there is hope that we will on Saturday.

  • One of many things she was very upset about was that her dumpster was not yet full. As were we. So we came over to help: Dan, my little brother, our agent & his wife, her agent & agent's boyfriend & son, and me. And also to drink champagne in the driveway and laugh. We managed to fill the dumpster, and there was much rejoicing. (Or maybe that was the champagne talking...)

  • And there was this:

    Slated to be "moved to Tahoe" (thrown out, but don't tell her that!) Well, it just so happens that we collect odd musical instruments. Especially ones that don't work that well. This will be great next to the bongos and ocarina!


Kerry said...

Oh. My. Isn't there still a category in the Grammys for 'Polka'? You could always lay down a few tracks with that lovely instrument (pain and strife always make for the best lyrics...LOL).

susarto said...

oh! i would love to have that accordion!!! :D

she's a nutter, that old wan!

Absolutely Small said...

Ha ha! Actually, I think they axed it just this year. But perhaps I could single handedly bring it back! :P

abbydid said...

my new favorite photo, ever.


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