Monday, August 17, 2009

In which I am tired

There has been painting. Oh, the painting there has been. So much with the painting. And today, as soon as I finish my coffee, I will head back over do more painting.
It is beginning to feel like there will be NO END to all the painting.
Was it a mistake letting paint ninjas move into my house?
Or was it the only thing between me and bare white walls?
And speaking of white:
The kitchen cabinets are coming along nicely. No more yellowed oak! While I am in love with the change, I still can't believe the work involved. "Are you sure you want to do this?" My father the professional painter asked. "I painted cabinets for a client, and it took ME 5 whole days." Pff. 5 whole days. Yeah, but that client probably had a giant Martha Stewart style kitchen, and you're a perfectionist, and...such was my reasoning.
Turns out 5 whole days is quite a good estimation. What day are we on? Oh, I don't know, 3,562?

And speaking of tired:

Here's me on a good day. See how I actually managed to do my hair at some point? Can you see the multicolored flecks of paint in it? Because trust me, they're there. I keep finding them. "What But we painted pink back on Thursday!"


Phil Barbato said...

We painted our kitchen cabinets this weekend. Well, that is, we STARTED this weekend. They look great, but I'm not rushing to do it again.

The sanding (dear lord the sanding!) takes forever.

That reminds me, I need to go put another coat on the 35 or so doors and drawer-fronts sitting in the basement.

moxiecupcake said...

That kitchen already looks TEN TIMES better! White was a good decision... you'll be glad you did it (eventually).

Painting is usually a love-hate relationship. It's a lot of work and even more cleanup. But on the bright side it's one of the cheapest ways to change the look of a place.

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

This project looks fun. I love renovation projects.


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