Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And then...

Remember the dumpster? With the broken garbage furniture, and the yelling?
She had a neighbor fish all that back out.
And then she ordered ANOTHER dumpster.
And then she turned down paid assistance to get the rest of the moving done.
Despite the fact that perhaps said neighbor might spend his time better helping pack.
Despite the fact that to her, NOTHING is garbage and she wants to keep everything with her.
Despite the fact that an entire team of professional movers claimed they would take seven days, and how exactly is she planning to get this done with "volunteer" help, when she's been turning down volunteers, yelling at them, and just generally not letting them do anything.

And then, on top of all this crazy, my own grandpa is not doing well. Really not doing well. The variety of not doing well that says things like "Guess I won't be swimming anymore" and "I don't think I'm going to last until the end of the month". And this grandpa is the SANE one, the one who is possibly the most beloved human being I've ever met, and the one who is NOT prone to drama, exaggeration, or fishing for attention. (So I guess I didn't get all that from him...)

And then I looked at a calendar and realized that all this could not be happening on a better week. You know, the week before Aunt Flo visits. Of course.

This, my friends, is what they call "the perfect storm".


Moon's Creations said...

Oh Claire! This is horrible. :( I'm so sorry you have to put up with any of it.

Kerry said...

Perfect storm, indeed. Poor you, I really hope everything comes together.

Felicia said...

Holy cats!

First of all, I'd put my foot down about your move in date. What is the date on your paperwork? When you hand over that big ol' check that place is yours and you can and should legally remove any other people. Otherwise, if that weird old lady falls down and breaks her hip while you own the place she can sue you. I am so not kidding about this. Get her the heck out of there even if it means calling the darn sheriff! Just call those oh so nice police folks up, explain your situation, and be ready with your paperwork as documentation when they show up to remove her.

Second, I'd call the freakin' rescue mission and invite them to come on over and take everything for the folks. They'll bring their truck and people to load up stuff so all you've gotta do it throw everything in boxes.

Finally, congratulations on your new house! Welcome to the unpredictable and fun world of home ownership :)

Stickie said...

Felicia is spot-on.

Good luck!!!!!


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