Monday, March 16, 2009

Honesty time.

OK. Here's the skinny. This blog, right here? It's not being updated anymore. Really. It's been replaced with twitter, flickr, and a mailing list for the good stuff. This has been in the works for awhile. I'm still creating weird things all the time, I'm just not posting them here anymore.

I hope you'll come follow me on Twitter, because that actually gets updated everyday.
It really has replaced this blog in every respect.

And I hope you'll come visit me on Flickr, because that's where the photos go.
And the mailing list is good, too. Sign up for it if you'd like to know when the next Ab Small movies/shows/sales/etc are. (Still once a month-ish. Still short.) The sign up form is directly to your right.

Also: Still posting new plushies there!

It's been a good two years. Thanks everyone for following along!


Free Music Online said...
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urban craft said...

Hey that's totally cool.

I think maybe this blogging thing is becoming a fad.

I don't understand how someone can get 179 comments about how cute a plushie can be.

And ones too that post about hanging out on a hammock, 80 comments. Crazy.

Thank you for your blog all this time, cool stuff but getting people to move off the computer and onto actual crafting in the real world should be encouraged by all.

Thanks again!


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