Sunday, February 22, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 06:56 Why am I awake at 6:30 am ON A SATURDAY? I don't know, ASK THAT CRAZY PUG WITH THE STITCHES & ALL THE RUNNING.
  • 06:58 Oh em gee. Jon Heder and Penny Marshall were at Unique Los Angeles, too? How'd I miss them?
  • 07:12 Just rec'd an email from Urban Dictionary. After 3 mos, they're taking down the horrible Chickenpants definition. Hooray!!!
  • 07:16 This crummy early Saturday is turning right around. I'm in a treasury!
  • 10:59 New macbook! New mac new mac new mac!
  • 17:16 Soooo glad I have a tech-savvy better half to do most of the mac switcheroo for me.
  • 17:33 - Testing it out
  • 17:36 - Test!
  • 17:38 Yay! I got Twitpic working!
  • 22:20 Fiddling around with the iMovie export settings...this never goes well.
  • 22:41 First imovie project on the new computer: It's gone to the dogs. Is that a phrase?
  • 23:27 OK, and here's our pug/tortoise movie on YouTube: I can't seem to get the settings right! Any tips?
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