Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This should be a post about a shop update...

But it ISN'T! Instead of business as usual (which lately, has been anything but), allow me to share with you my latest pet project: The Chickenpants House! (And Cafe!)
A long standing weakness for all things Re-Ment finally bloomed last weekend. I made the very logical, smart decision that the Chickenpants surely needed an place to live. And a chick spice rack. Oh! And this broom set. And tea set. And mugs. And...hmmm, do we need a fridge? (Answer: Yes! Not that we have one...yet.)
Enough talk! Have a look:

(Just in case that isn't working, here's the link.
I re-purposed some shelves for this. I covered them in scrapbooking papers. In the cafe, the area rug is a piece of vintage felt. I haven't found a floor I like yet for the kitchen/dining room.
I'm considering this just the beginning. I'd love to make a bedroom, and maybe a porch. Of course, the existing rooms are far from finished.
And yes, I do seem to have lost my mind.
Also yes: There will certainly be some new Chickenpants Limiteds springing from this!


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