Friday, January 30, 2009

Sixteen Things

I've been double tagged! First by hellobunnygirl, then the Plush Team, so here goes!
Re-upload for 16 Weird Things
1. I don't eat meat, but I think the charred meats they cook outside of grocery stores smell amazing.
2. I'm a fragrance addict. I only put one on once a day(just a little bit, really!), but I have at least 11 on my vanity right now.
3. I just got a new pug puppy and I'm on high alert for potty breaks! I'm terrified of my house smelling like pee.
4. I NEED the sun to be able to function in life. I think I may be part plant. Without it, I'm just a zombie. A sad, sad zombie.
5. I worry a lot!
6. I've lived in California almost my whole life, but I've never seen a movie star. (Although I did talk to the girl who played Kitty on Arrested Development at my last my perfect record just got ruined!)
7. I co-wrote 2/3 of a Star Wars fan fiction trilogy with my best friend when I was 12-13. Then I discovered real live boys!
8. I'm kind of a book glutton. My reading stack is always multiple feet high. (Mostly non-fiction)
9. I have really severe hypoglycemia, so I am tired (and other fun things) a lot.
10. I love to play games. Balderdash is probably my favorite (Making up random stuff! Yay!).
11. My hair has been every color from platinum blonde to a blueish black, and back again. (and again!)
12. I still play video games. (Current obsessions: Animal Crossing and Paper Mario for Wii)
13. I haven't had tv reception for over 5 years. Yet, I'm all caught up on Lost. (Thanks, internet!)
14. I worked as an office temp for a long, long time. Best job: maintenance office at a Six Flags. Worst job: Shipping office at a dairy.
15. I can't bake anything edible, but I have allllll the supplies.
16. I'd very much like to have some pet chickens someday.


penguinsplunder said...

This was actually really fun to read. ^_^

Sam said...

Awesome read! Very entertaining!

Absolutely Small said...

Really? Aw, thanks! ^-^ You should do one, too! Consider yourself tagged!!

The Mincing Mockingbird said...

Judy Greer laughing at my stuff was a highlight of that show! KITTY F--ING SANCHEZ!


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