Monday, January 5, 2009


Rigmarole is one of those great, very simple games that you can do almost anywhere. And I have. My cousin Bonnie and I have a long standing tradition of playing this game whenever we're bored. It's a great mini game to play when the other people around you are doing something that tries your patience. All you need is at least one willing partner.
For those not yet initiated, this is how you play.
What you need: A piece of paper and a pen. Really, that's it. Oh, and I guess wild imagination helps.
The first person writes two lines. Then you fold the paper over the first line and pass it to the next person. Then they write two lines, fold the paper over their top line, and pass it to the next person. And so on, until the page is filled.
So, as promised to said cousin, here are two of the finished stories from this weekend's very, very long game of Trivial Pursuit. That game may still be going on, actually.
My lines are in green, hers are in blue.
Once upon a time there was a large magic bicycle. It was red, shimmery,
and had sparkly streamers on the handlebars. It was powered by unicorn
eyelash dust, and it had a million butterfly wings to make it fly. Also,
it had two horns on it's head from which it shot lazerbeams. It mostly ate
small berries and pixie dust, and also pixie sticks. And it had a special
wand which it would hold in it's mouth and use it to hit small children. But,
mostly it just spun around in circles and made enchanting noises, while
snorting. But the best thing of all was the woodchucks that would pop
out of the ground & shriek "We surrender!"

Once upon a time there was a town where nobody ever wore pants. They thought it was normal! They would just walk around, their shoes flapping against their heels, making flapping noises. They didn't wear socks, though, because those would cover their legs, which were always bare. It got cold so he decided to put on some pants. That solved the cold & bare leg issue. Later, they went to the bar where they drank non-alcoholic beer until they could barely even stand up. "We should never have put on pants in the first place. Look what's become of people when they wear no pants. This is how they end up. So now everyone decided to wear pants, and to wear them proudly.

Here's the part where I heartily encourage you to play this game yourself. And then email me some finished results. (absolutelysmall {{{at}}}gmail) Maybe we could post them up here on the blog...

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