Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Maisel and Dog Paintings

Still slogging through Eric Maisel's book. The greatness seems to come and go in waves. I'm sure if you consider yourself a "serious" artist, it all applies. Personally, I find the "serious" artist stuff a bit alienating. He made a comment about "cat paintings"- as if somehow, every painting of a cat (or, we are to presume, any other animal) is somehow not "Art". Instead, it is something lesser than. This really ticked me off.
As someone who paints/plushes animals, and loves many other paintings/creations of animals, I must disagree. Certainly, there are hacks out there, just as there are in any field. But how could somebody dismiss a whole subject matter as unworthy?
OK, rant over. I have something lovely to share with you.

Pug in a Tub!
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Ta-Da! It's a new painting by Alexis Trice of!
Every time I see her paintings, or for that matter, her photos, I'm inspired. Inspired to work harder at my art, and to live better. I can't possibly know if they'll strike the same chord in you, but I had to share!

2009 Fundraiser Calendar!
Originally uploaded by WelcomeToTheDoghouse

She's done a charity calendar! It's called K9s for the 9th. Here's what she said about it in her latest newsletter:
"It is a charitable initiative to raise funds for New Orleans, a city known for its art, cultural diversity and of course its challenged environment. Through the sales of our original calendar, "K9s For The 9th" featuring the artwork of me, Alexis Trice and the generously donated pet portraits, we intend to repay some of the extraordinary kindness demonstrated in the largest pet rescue in our nation's history and use the proceeds to build The First House for People Ever Built by Dogs, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that dogs are indeed man's best friend!"
Here's the link if you'd like to check it out.
Alright, that's it for today. Let's get out there and create something wonderful! (And if you take cute dog photos, I want to see 'em!)

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Jen said...

Love that pug in a tub!


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