Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chickenpants for a Good Cause

The Plush Team is having a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Chickenpants want to help!
Hamilton Chickenpants is in the shop and ready to move and shake his way into your life.

Here's his bio:
Hamilton Chickenpants is one of Chickenton's leading movers and shakers. He's always thinking up the next big deal. He's quite a shaker on the dance floor, too.
He is number 118 in the grand scheme of Chickenpants. (Meaning he was the 118th one made)
And you can only find him in the Plush Team's Etsy shop.


Frizz said...

I've tagged you for 6 random things. Feel like playing? See my post...

Beeper Bebe said...

Hey! What's the deal with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters fund raiser? Anything I can help with or contribute to? You see, my husband actually works for Big Brothers, Big Sisters so I love to support it at every opportunity. Let me know--Thanks, Claire.


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