Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holy Chicken(pants)!

It's a Chickenpants milestone! Introducing...the 100th Chickenpants!

****confetti! trumpets! applause! more confetti!****
OK, OK, I know that during the Pirate/Ninjapants epoch of September, we actually went up and over the 100 Chickenpants mark. And I totally intended to do this sooner...but here, without any further foot dragging, is the HUNDREDTH CHICKENPANTS!
His name is Centro. He's a mathematician with a thing for Brazilian music.
He's sporting black and white checkered pants (not unlike an old pair of Vans), a black and white paw print belt, and a yellow star button belt buckle. He's made from that amazing nubby fleece that the first Chickenpants were made from, too.

Thanks everyone for encouraging me to keep going with my obsessive plush chicken making!

And here's a weird coincidence- the shop is at 99 sales! We're celebrating that with a free Chickenpants Baby for whoever is the 100th sale. ^-^


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