Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two new Chickenpants and two new excuses

I have been the worst blogger ever! But I have an excuse. Actually, two.
Excuse #1.) I am moving house in oh, less than two weeks. And pretty much nothing is packed. Eep.
Excuse #2.) I have a whole bunch of really wonderful shows coming up in the next two months...and I need to be sewing my plush butt off! (Just added Craftland to that list. Eep!)
Anyway! Two new Chickenpants!
Mario Ninjapants

Mario may be tiny, but do not underestimate him! He has a reputation for shenanigans...and among Chickenpants, that is truly a feat.

The Cap'm

Every boat needs a captain, and the Black Swan is no different. Enter The Cap'm. He runs a pretty tiny ship. Petite, if you will. ARRRGGGHH!

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