Monday, September 29, 2008

The Pirates and I

Right here! Two new Piratepants for you to meet. First up is Nervy Bob, CP #102:

Nervy Bob the Piratepants got his name for taking up any dare that came his way. Jumping off the plank, pinching bar girls (oh, the slaps he received!), feeding the pet shark...

And CP #103- Jojo the Piratepants

Jojo might not be the most feared Piratepants of all the seas, but he is most certainly the funniest. The other Piratepants love to have him around for his joke telling ability. Makes those long voyages seem a little shorter.

They both had roles in the latest Chickenpants Adventure, but now they're both back in the boat, sailing the high seas of commerce...(sorry, adjustments are being made to my crazy pills, brb)

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