Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The worst thing to ever happen to my drawing?

OK, look. I'll come clean. You may recall that I used to post drawings and paintings to this site rather frequently. Of course, you also might not, as it has been awhile. You might be saying to yourself, "Wait. She draws?" Yes. She draws. Or at least she used to. And actually, she should still be. Why does it matter? Because of THIS. The SFG blank book.
It is coming for me.
When they accepted me to be a part of this along with so many other amazing artists that I admired, I was thrilled. Then terrified. I thought to myself "I had better learn how to draw now." Because apparently what I was doing when they accepted me was not so much drawing. So, for no coherent reason, I decided to START OVER. My years of drawing counted for nothing in my mind, and I set about to relearn it all.
This was a bad idea for several reasons. 1.) I hate to be bored. I will not stick with things if they're boring. I had already done all this several times before, hence the boredom. 2.) Did I mention I already knew how to draw? 3.) And that perhaps honing my skills might have been more appropriate than scrapping them all? 4.)Then I started buying new drawing tools to ease the boredom and trick myself into drawing...
5.) Money spent on new drawing goodies: A LOT. Drawings done: ALMOST NONE.
I can't get my mind to slow down and get into the zone of drawing. True, this is partly due to many other things zooming around in my life. But also, it is partly due to the red alert in my own mind all the time "THE SFG BLANK BOOK IS COMING FOR YOU! THIS HAD BETTER BE A GOOD DRAWING! OR ELSE!"
For. The. Love. Of. Pete! I am. It's been several months since posting any drawings to the SFG site (or any other site, for that matter). I am woefully out of practice. And the Blank Book is only eight people away from me.
If any of you have magic wands or butt kicking abilities and can assist with some words of wisdom or...anything, really, it'd be appreciated. Because, oh, the horror!

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Knitsonya said...

Your drawings are fantastic! But I have the dread over-thinking gene, so I have an idea of what you must be going through. The money spent on new drawing goodies cracks me up! But clear your mind, relax. The drawing doesn't need to solve the crisis in the Middle East. Whimsy with a pearl necklace. Or pugs! Everyone loves pugs!


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