Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nnnghhh - and a new bird to share

So, I seem to have caught a cold at the Cabrillo Music Fest. Other than that, it was wonderful! And I now need to seriously re-plush my shop. (thank you all very much!) And there are things I would like to share with you. For example, Music Is Art recently posted a little bit about me and a play list I picked out. Yay! (Although the site doesn't seem to load at all in Firefox. Still, yay!)
Also, I've posted a new bird in the shop- Samuel.

Samuel actually was at PLUSHED (Er, if I'm remembering what show he was at correctly. He was definitely out at some plush art show though.)

And also, we seem to have sailed right past the 500 blog post mark! How did that happen? I think we'll have to have a little giveaway soon to celebrate...just as soon as I can wrap my head around a cohesive sentence.

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