Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SF Zine Fest Recap

Annnnd we're back!
SF Zine Fest was really fun. It was really inspiring to be in a room packed with so many creative and talented people. It reminded me that oh, hey, shouldn't I be like, drawing or something? Hmmm.
Our table was right next to Motormouth Press, who makes the most adorable letterpress stationery. And she was super nice!
Alex was kind enough to lend us his camera so we could take a few snapshots. (I was to lazy to lug the D50 around this weekend.)
(There's more on my Flickr site, if you're so inclined.)
Some random highlights of the weekend:
Isby Blue coming by our table with her whole brood. (And some of the brood wanted to have their photo taken with me! Whoa!)
Getting to meet Vanessa Davis...and then later, she came by my table, and liked my work. (Again, whoa!)
Telling Mike Hales I was afraid of the 500+ pages of pure crap required before you make any decent comics, and him saying "Oh, 30 pages or so of crap should be enough." So encouraging! I think that alone might have me drawing again.
Francois dragging me up to read numbers for the raffle. Thanks Francois!
All in all, quite the fun weekend!

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Peptogirl said...

oh awesome! going to view the photos right now. thanks for sharing!!! Love the new banner, too!


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