Saturday, July 19, 2008

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 13:00 SF peeps(no pun intended)! Come see me at the SF Zine Fest Sat & Sun. I'll be so lonely! *sobs!* Oh, the needyness!
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esque said...

Oh you'll do great! How fun!

vertigo25 said...

Hi. My daughter bought one of the little tiny chicks at the Fest today. She was the little girl with the curly hair. I made the comment about having to go to France for the picture...

Anyway... just wanted to let you know that she adores it. She's named her "Crimey" (she always picks unusual names...), and she's already shown it to her friends and loves that she can keep her in her pocket (but has been holding her all day). She says she's going to sleep with her tonight (a place of honor amongst her toys).

She's really taken by the idea that toys can be hand-made and want to try it out. So, you've also inspired some young creativity, there. :)

Aside from the cup I got for myself from Clownhead Productions, this was the best purchase of the day. Thanks!


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