Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cabrillo Music, Art & Wine fest This Weekend!

And yes, the Chickenpants will be there.
I'm working harder than a one legged guy in a butt kicking contest (as a certain friend's dad would say). Hence the total absence of blog posts, etc...
All this time spent stuffing goats and dogs and bunnies(!) has led me to think, hey, you know what would be great? A business partner! Or at least someone to handle the marketing...I'm going a little nuts all by myself. (See the lack of a CP Adventure movie this month, as well as the lack of a CP Limited print...wait, why am I telling you this?)
*ahem* So...Come see me in Santa Cruz at the Cabrillo thing this weekend!
And here are the promised better photos of the CP Ninjapants. I'm happy to say these two have already found homes (thanks, guys!), and more are on the way.
Sho Ninjapants

"The Paw" Ninjapants

Not a Ninjapants at all! But a rather cute little bird named Victoria. She's new in the shop.


kim* said...

sweet choice of colors for your birdy

SuperBadSoap said...

Bwaha! I love the ninjapants!


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