Sunday, June 29, 2008

Peeking out of my hiding place

Oh, internets. I have been hit by a truck. Well, not a literal truck. A truck of...protein? Or sugar? I'm not really sure. Anyway! Turns out I am hypogylcemic. Turns out I am going to have to learn how to spell hypogylcemic. Hypoglycemic. There we go.
Feeling shaky, nauseous and exhausted basically all the time wasn't working for me anymore, so I called up Kaiser. Here is a reenactment of that historic phone call:
Me: "So, um, all those symptoms I just mentioned."
Doctor lazy: "Huh. You're hypoglycemic. Let's do some blood tests!"
Me: "Ok."
Doctor Lazy: "..."
Me: "Is there anything else?"
Doctor Lazy: "Oh, um, eat a lot of protein and lots of small meals. Take care, now!"
Right. So. In the mean time, I am tired and feeling quite ill every few hours while I try to figure this thing out. Any tips? I'd love to hear them.


Gretchen said...

We're all "hyplo" in my family so I grew up as a snacker. I eat little snack like meals all day long instead of three meals a day. And my still thin. Cheese is one of my friends though I've been told I have a mild allergy. I'd rather itch then pass out! :D

Take care! There's tons about how to live with it on the web. Also, pace yourself - I imagine you work too hard!!


twenty pound tabby said...

I married a person with hypogylcemia, who had learned to eat when his body told him to back when he was young. So, when I gave birth to a hypogylcemic daughter, it was easy to recognise, but boy was she the baby from hell because of it. We're still trying to get her trained to eat small amounts of protein and complex carbs throughout the day instead of waiting until she feels terrible.

femputer said...

Could you hear the faint sound of computer game noises over the phone? :p

I don't know anything about hypoglycemia, but I hope that whatever it is you have to do is an easy adjustment for you. :) Best wishes!

Knitsonya said...

I've not been diagnosed with hypoglycemia and nor am I in any way a nutritionist, but I have an idea of that tired, yucky feeling. So, fir Knitsonya's completely inexpert, expert advice

1. Eat breakfast. Better yet eat something savory and protein filled (not sweet and not, or minimal baked goods - ie no muffin) eggs, breakfast burrito.

2. Eat plenty of green veggies - salads with protein (steak, chicken, fish/shell fish, eggs), braised greens: chard, spinach. Broccoli. Bok choy. Sea vegetables. These will help you feel more balanced.

3. Pasta and breads can contribute to blah-ness. That doesn't mean eradication, just don't make them the staples. Eat more brown rice.

If you're interested in alternative medicine, I have an acupuncturist who is amazing. I know you're local to SF. Let me know if you want her contact info.

milo said...

no tips really.. just wanted to send a note saying... hope you're feeling better soon and have figured out how to adjust your diet accordingly... oh and that pug is darn cute!... oh and one more thing... the sfg book is getting closer to us!!! yah!

Shannon of MayaBella said...

Awe, I am so sorry to hear about that! I hope you can find some good help. Maybe even a support group. I have lots of health problems and have found the most help from people who are actually suffering from it. Dr can be kind of insensitive and just go by the book.

Amy C Evans said...

hope you're feeling better...


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