Thursday, May 29, 2008

I want to say something sensational!

Something dynamic and random and awesome! That will make people creep towards the edges of their seats in awe, clicking the appropriate RSS feed buttons, commenting...
Yeah, but nothing comes to mind.
What can I say? I'm feeling a bit rushed and blah these days. As I type this, I have several other windows open, and I'm replying to comments that have accrued over the past...week...or two. (I'm sorry! I love all your comments- I'm just a bad re-commenter!)
The other day I was feeling both out of control and I made a GIANT calendar. GIANT, I tell you. Three pieces of 30 x 20 foam core. Boo-yah. My plan is to attach them to the wall in plain sight...but my hammer has gone missing.
So perhaps photos of that will come next week.
Let me know when we hit scintillating.
Until then let me just make some thank yous:
Reware: thanks for the lovely write-up!
KillTaupe: thank you for using my plush as a bit of the inspiration for this cool print/book cover!

(Head over to their blog for info about ordering the book and/or print...)
(I am going to make a much bigger deal about this over on The Needle... but for now I'm just turning somersaults of joy on my own blog.)


BabyLyons said...

I'm very interested to see that calender now! oh, and I love all your adventures on youtube! Had to watch them all :)

esque said...

Me too, hope you find that hammer soon!


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