Monday, May 19, 2008

The Daily Photo Project...DONE!

I can't believe it...I stuck with something difficult for a whole year!
Sure, I didn't do it perfectly. Out of the 365 photos I should have taken, I took 267. Whoops. And apropos of the whole year of photos, I'm posting this recap a bit late.
I can't believe just how challenging this project was. It was kind of a burden, honestly. I think because I was already engaged in so many other creative outlets- this was kind of like the straw that weighed the camel down, if not broke her back.
Anyway- here's the last photo: 5/8/08:
(it's so grubby looking because it's a photo of the aftermath of a small kitchen fire)

Daily Photo 05.08.08 - THE END!!!
Originally uploaded by absolutely small

And the very first daily photo: 5/08/07:

Tall wedges- 1st Daily Photo- 5.08.07
Originally uploaded by absolutely small

On the other hand, I still think it's a great idea to take a photo a day. It's kind of neat to be able to actually look back at your year, day by day.
Although I won't be doing this again, and I'm relieved that it's over, I'm discovering a kind of hole in my day. Every so often I think, aha! Here's my daily photo for the day! And then I remember: this project is over. And the photo does not get taken, and doesn't get posted... So I miss my little excuse to post random things to the internet. Oh well, there's still Twitter.
If you haven't personally tried something like this, I actually do recommend it. For awhile I was tinkering with the idea of doing a post it note a day, or a drawing a day, a painting a day... I'm sure you could come up with some fun variations on your own! The point is just to creatively challenge yourself- that's always rewarding. So start something big never know where it might lead!
If you are so inclined, you can check out the whole batch here.


Brandy said...

I wish my kitchen were that clean!

Congrats on completing your photo-a-day project.

Rosalie said...

Congratulations on making it all the way through! I decided about three years ago that I would start a project where I traded for art and weird stuff for a year....and somehow it's still going. Maybe I should find inspiration in your ability to end it!

Love your pictures!

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