Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why am I posting Outback Steakhouse commercials? Jemaine Clement.

Here's something NON-CHICKENPANTS related! I haven't had tv reception in years and years, so I totally missed these commercials. Also, I've never been to an Outback Steakhouse. Doesn't seem like a terribly vegetarian friendly sort of place, somehow.

He's a Chickenman!

Most possible name for the new kitten: Jemaine.


BabyLyons said...

lol, those are cute! Haven't seen them before :)

kookiejar said...

Hi, just thought you might like to know....there is no letter 'r' in his name. It's Jemaine...not Jermaine. He gets that ALL the's an easy mistake to make. :D

Have a great day.

Absolutely Small said...

Oops. Hey, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Fixed it!

kookiejar said...

My pleasure. I love him so have NO idea! :D

Anonymous said...
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