Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Peeking at new Chickenpants

Someday, SOMEDAY! I will have actual finished creature photos to share again. Until then, I've got these. I just finished up a batch of Chickenpants that I am very excited about. New Chicken fabric, "new" vintage pants fabric. Yay!

Now, off to finish up some bigguns for the Tangent show and acquire some Astroturf!


femputer said...

Is this a fuzzier fabric? What a cute batch of chickenpants(es). :D

Karma by Morgan said...

haha i love the chickenpants! they are fabulous

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Very photogenic. They must love the camera!

Felicia said...

Very adorable :)

Weapon Hey said...

They're so cool and sweet!!! loved them. Do you sell this? is there any way to get one? Thanx!


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