Monday, April 21, 2008

Doggy bounce? Please?

Today is a good day. Topanga is actually laying on the couch like a normal pug.
Why is this remarkable? Let me back up.
Ever since we bought the giant new bookshelf, Topanga has basically boycotted the living room. Barely has she touched tush to once coveted cushions. Instead, she's taken to lying on the floor next to our bed, or, for a change of pace, actually on her own bed.
Notice I did not say "on" our bed. That used to be another coveted spot. Nope. Jumping up has suddenly just become too much work.
When we watch a movie or otherwise desire her presence on the sofa, we have to physically remove her from the bedroom and place her on the couch. She'll stay there for maybe 15 minutes, and then we have to go get her out of the bedroom again.
What has happened here?
Depression was the first thing that shot through my mind. Do dogs get depressed?
It seems like she can still jump just fine- she can still jump on the bed or couch whenever she wants. She much prefers to be lifted, though.
Last night, Dan brought up a scary thought: "Maybe she's just becoming an old dog."
An old dog? Old. She's not old! She's...six. Practically still a puppy! (Here you see me willfully ignoring the bags of "senior" dog food. Those say seven...and UP.)
"Noooo. Can't be that she's getting to be old."
"Middle aged, then."
"Maybe. I can deal with middle aged. In the dog, anyway."
Anyway...anyone know of anything that perks up middle aged/possibly depressed dogs?


Stacey said...

That sad face breaks my heart!

LuLu Borealis said...

How cute! He can be depressed or maybe the bookcase is to overwhelming for him. Might scare him.

Knitsonya said...

My doggie is 8 and he is in that salt and pepper muzzle stage of life. Maybe Topanga just really loathes your choice in bookshelves or is in fear if it toppling on unaware pugs in the event of an earthquake. You never know. To change the subject completely, I just noticed that you are going to be at the Maker Faire - hooray! I'll be there Saturday.


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