Friday, April 25, 2008

Coolest commission ever?

It's certainly in the running. The fabulous proprietress of Shop 66 had me custom make two Chickenpants...for her ferrets.

Words cannot express how tickled I am about this.
Anyway, here's a clip of a convo with her- I think it is awesome.
"...they are precious and hidden!! I am not to touch them!! And they are stealing them from each other!!! I see little fuzzies go by like rockets with glimpses of chickenpants...And they are ferret proof because though they have had tons of fangs in their bodies they appear to still look perfect."
How cool is that?


Catirina Bonet Designs - Fun! Funky! Hand Knitting Patterns said...

WOW! What a perfect blog subject! So cool!

Mixed Species said...

HA! That is perfect. Ferrets and chickenpants!

Rosalie said...

chickenpants! Chickenpants!

knitsteel said...

That's great - very cute.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so cute when animals have their favourite toys...great post!


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