Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Animal Update!

Many thanks to everyone who left comments on the last post! I really appreciate it. Words cannot accurately express the feeling you get from internet based concern, so instead I present to you this emoticon: ^-^
Things have changed since yesterday.
Change #1: I took Topanga to have her nails trimmed. She has naturally really, really long nails, and a hatred of having her feet touched, so getting professionals to do it is worth every cent. However, we put it off a little longer than usual this time. Anyway: voila! Nails trimmed, happy smiling dog on couch again! She leapt from couch to couch entirely of her own volition. It was beautiful! So: Topanga's depression: pedicure related. There you go.
Change #2: Living in the country as I do, a cat to help keep down local varmints is essential. Word was put out a few months ago: WE ARE NOW LOOKING FOR A KITTEN! NO, NOT A CAT, A KITTEN! (Why? Out last cat was 15 years old when we got her. We felt we were due.) Anyway, nothing really happened for awhile until one of the folks who remembered our kitten call said the other day, "Hey. My friend is holding one last kitten for you. You'd better call her." Thus, I did, even though the timing could be said to be less than ideal.

Nameless! Kitten!

Sorry about the crummy photos- he has not been trained to pose for the camera like Topanga yet. We'll work on that.
In the meantime- any ideas for names? He has a penchant for perching on one's shoulders like a pirate's bird, so we're thinking maybe a pirate name. Or a hobo name. Because hoboes have great names. Anyway, please leave some name ideas. ^-^


GreenSpaceGoods said...

Johnny Long Tail!
Percival the perching kitty!

He's terribly cute. Good luck with the naming :)

AuntDsHandcrafts said...

Your new kitten is so cute!
How about Captain Hook.

dame said...

Vaquero. It means cowboy in Spanish. :D

A Blond And A Torch said...

The only pirate I can think of right now is Johnny Depp's character, Jack.

Gorgeous kitten! I used to have one just like him!

Beat Black said...

black beard, ninjia, polly... thats all i gots unless you want to name him "aaaaargh"

the neighbors will think your nuts...

ishi said...

how about Pete or Petey?

btw... he is ADORABLE!


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