Thursday, February 14, 2008


I hate to knock a contest post off the top...but I also hate not to post. So:

Bonjour! Claude is here, with a fresh baguette for you! Hnuh hnuh hnuh!
Sorry, got bad French stereotypes caught in my throat there.
Anyway, this friendly little chap is named Claude. So friendly is he that he waves "hello". Perpetually. Toujours Claude!

He's lingering in the cafe, sipping a thimblefull of espresso.
Thank you everyone for all the comments! Please, keep on commenting on the previous post- there's still time! (Of course, feel free to comment here, too!) If the total comment count reaches twenty, I'll award TWO Chickenpants Limited prints to TWO separate peeps. Invite your friends! Comment like there's no tomorrow! wasn't Claude who was drinking all that espresso this was me!


Weirdbuglady said...

Awww, Claude is a cutie!

Auntie Ann said...

Congratulations, Claire, on the sucess of Etsey Shop. Claude has personality. And I liked the Chickenpants movie, too.


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