Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Whiny haiku & plushies, too

Yeah, the power's still out. And it will likely continue on this way until late Wednesday...unless we're deemed to be difficult to get to (quite possible), in which case the power will remain out until Friday.
Excuse me while I go cry under my desk.
Anyway! When the going gets tough, the tough write whiny haiku:

We are cold and damp.
PG & E: I Hate You
Bring power back now!

Bring the power back.
Hey! Power to the people!
People meaning: me.

Hey! PG & E!
What’s wrong with a little rain?
Apparently, much.

Hey! It is so cold.
My pug dog is shivering.
Power outages suck.

It's fun, see? Ha. Ha. Ha...

As promised, I do have something nice to share: a new plush bird named Gladys!

Gladys is a no-nonsense kind of creature. She does her part to keep the others in check, reminding them to keep on getting up and working. (Of course, "working" in this case means "being cute and cuddly". It is tremendously hard work, after all!)
Sounds like I need her around my house!
Anyway, she's in the shop now.

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