Friday, November 9, 2007

Eli the Bulldog & The Absolutely Small List

How great are dogs?

Topanga demonstrates the awesomeness of dogs

So great! I've taken the slightest of breaks (a brakelet) from Chickenpants to create some more.

Introducing Eli the Bulldog.He's a sturdy chap with a noggin full of knowledge. Well, ok, a noggin full of fluff. He may look a little fierce, but that's just his under bite talking. I think you'll find him a most agreeable companion.
He's out in the yard until someone decides to adopt him.

And on to the Absolutely Small list! It's a new thing I'm going to try out. Basically, it's a once monthly (or so...maybe longer)short little email note mentioning the upcoming shows where you can see the art in person, new plushies & the like, and oh! Something short & sweet. If you'd like to sign up for it, just enter your email in the little box in the upper right hand corner of the page and hit "Yes, please!". Or shoot an email to chickenwidget{at}

More Chickenpants are planned to be created next week. But, you know how it goes. It might just be another dog day.


Blaze said...

How darling! Please tell Eli for me that he's absolutely dapper and charming! :) Very cool! :)

mushroommeadows said...

hehe his teeth are adorable! :)


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