Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bringing small things to life

Notable events of the past weekend:
1. Wake up at 5 am to stand in line to *possibly* get a Wii.
2. Get Wii. Hurt shoulder "bowling".
3. Receive 2nd hand amazing espresso machine from Mom. Find out that three shots and two Americanos can produce eye twitching in Husband.
4. Go to cousin's wedding. Dance like a toddler with an ear infection. Also, laugh at dancing people.
5. Let friend's mom sneak up behind you and give you a "shoulder massage". Experience amazing pain from tiny woman. Make new rule: no more letting people sneak up behind you.
6. Oh, yeah, and create small things:

7. How small? 2.5" tall!

8. Realize that the guy is not singing "Comes connect the dots with me, poppet", but "Disconnect the dots with me, poppet". Feel a little let down.


mushroommeadows said...

You got a wii?? Yay! :)

Oh, I would love to see a picture of that little guy next to the gigantic one you made a while back. :) CUTE!

femputer said...

a wii! I've still never played it, but it looks like fun! Is it worth the injuries? :D


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