Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Onward came the Chickenpants!

Marching forward in semi-orderly lines...

I created one Chickenpants (and a painting to match!) a little bit ago. But my brain never quite let me stop at that...and the vintage fabric, it beckons, you know.

First up is Big Jim Chickenpants A rootin, tootin, barrel chested chicken.

6.5" high,
4" wide
Broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hips.
And everybody knows you don't give no lip
to Big Jim Chickenpants.

He sports a paw print ribbon belt with a "Western" button belt buckle.
He's made from fuzzy fleece, non allergenic polyfill, vintage stretchy plaid fabric, a couplea beads, little bit of ribbon, and a button.

All the Chickenpants plushies are my original creations. Although they follow a basic pattern, each one is unique and has different embellishments. Each one has a bit of a different personality, too.
If you'd like to see more, as always, Flickr delivers.
I'll be adding them to the shop as well.
Up next...Chickenpants Hot Wheels!

1 comment:

Alisa said...

I LOVE big jim!
Ok anything named Chicken Pants works for me.


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