Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Handmade Parade Recap

Here it is in a nutshell: Handmade Parade was fun. And if you happen to be in the Sacramento area in May, when the next one is, you should go.
And here's the more lengthy (fun) version:

One side of my table...
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Pictures of my table...

And the other side of the table
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LaurenSmash's table!

Lauren's Table
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It was really neat to meet another Plush Team member in the flesh.
I wish I had snuck out from behind the table to take more photos- there were a lot of really wonderful displays. And now I don't have a photo to commemorate meeting the founder of ZNE! She was really sweet. I also met the founder of Mission Indie Mart. All sorts of movers and shakers were there. Jen from Rosebud Designs gave a demonstration on how to spin wool. Katie Jean gave a demo on making your own tags. Kelly of Sweet Addie brought some very awesome jewelry.

Daily Photo 10.14.07
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And what good is any show if you don't bring home some goodies? I picked up a great handpainted illustration from Laurensmash, a lovely applique scarf from Vanity Exposed, and a wonderful hair clip by Speckled Hen.
The moral of the post: visit craft fairs! Even little ones. They're quite awesome.
P.S.: Peptogirl took some awesome photos of the event!

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